November 13, 2017

Councillor Mammoliti has come out sharply criticizing John Tory’s congestion-causing car exclusion zone on King Street.

“The King Street Plan, much like the Bloor bike lanes project, is just Tory’s latest salvo in the war on the car,” said Mammoliti. “While Tory claims this is about making King Street a transit priority zone, what it’s really about is making it a car exclusion zone.”

In July, Council approved a $1.5 million pilot project to redesign King Street into essentially a car exclusion zone. Although the street is a major artery for commuters travelling through the Entertainment and Financial Districts, the plan will prohibit vehicular movement through intersections and remove 180 on-street parking spaces.

“Tory’s so-called efforts to combat congestion like the traffic wardens and quick clear squads are nothing more than a smoke screen meant to cover his congestion-causing initiatives like this King Street car exclusion zone, his love of LRTs, the Bloor bike lanes and his relentless efforts to introduce tolls on the Gardiner and the DVP.”

“First it was the St. Clair fiasco, then it was Bloor Street, and now it’s King Street. Only Tory knows what’s next,” said Mammoliti. “How does Tory think the millions and millions of cars that use these routes every year will get around? Clearly they are not his concern.”

John Tory has previously stated that the King Street project is a one-off and there have been no discussions about doing this anywhere else. Yet, just a few weeks ago, the Planning Department introduced TOcore, a plan that identified 12 streets that will be “reimagined” over the next 25 years. For example, the plan proposes to redesign University Avenue down to six lanes of traffic from the current eight.

“John Tory has said that he did not contemplate the pilot happening anywhere else at all. But it’s clear that he says one thing, but the facts show another. It just shows that he can’t be trusted,” added Mammoliti.

“Congestion is costing Toronto’s economy billions per year, and commuters continue to be stuck in frustrating gridlock. Clearly, John Tory would rather pander to his car hating political base rather than get the city moving. Congestion in Toronto is already unbearable; now John Tory’s congestion-causing measures are making it a disaster” concluded Mammoliti.

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