November 1, 2017

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti is criticizing Mayor John Tory for his request to Health Canada in creating a new supervised injection site at Fred Victor Centre. Health Canada is being asked to approve a fourth injection site at Fred Victor Centre, across the street from the rogue pop-up site at Moss Park.

“Rather than offer real help to those who are suffering from mental health issues and addictions, Mayor John Tory and the Board of Health are enabling very dangerous and disruptive behavior,” said Mammoliti. “Drug abuse is not a victimless crime.”

While a temporary site has been in operation at The Works at Toronto Public Health’s office on Victoria Street, the other two approved sites have yet to open.

“The experience in Vancouver, especially in the downtown eastside, has created unsafe conditions. Who would want their children to be walking around or playing in the parks and streets next to injection sites?” added Mammoliti.

Councillor Mammoliti believes that the only real solution to the current opioid and fentanyl crisis is to make safe injection services and addiction treatment available in hospitals across Ontario. As the author of “Caring for Each Other,” an advisory committee report on drug treatment, the Councillor is suggesting an evidence-based solution to the ongoing opioid and fentanyl crisis.

“We should be asking why the Wynne Government won’t treat this crisis as a crisis. It’s time for the province to fund addictions treatment and rehabilitation services. The provincial and federal governments need to step up to the plate and offer real treatment options that do not put communities at risk,” concluded Mammoliti.

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