May 10, 2018

While many ideas that Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti has been advocating at City Hall have fallen on deaf ears, it seems that the next Premier of Ontario is listening.

Safe injection sites and subways instead of LRT’s to name a few.

Safe Injection Sites

Rather than offer real help to those who suffer from mental health issues and addictions, safe injection sites enable very dangerous and disruptive behaviour. The only real solution to the current opioid and fentanyl crisis is to have the provincial and federal governments step up to the plate and offer real treatment options that do not put communities at risk.


Residents do not want their roads obstructed with streetcars running down the middle like what we’ve seen with the St. Clair disaster.

We are the fourth biggest city in North America, with a population of 2.8 million, and a region that will balloon to 8.9 million people in less than 20 years. Subways attract development, carry more people, and move without traffic getting in the way.

Just as an example, next to the Vaughan subway station at Highway 7 and Jane Street, transit accessibility was the key in selling out three 55-storey condos. The first tower sold almost all the units in just over a week. This shows that people want the convenience of subways, and will get out of their cars to get around.

All Torontonians want the same underground transit that is fast, reliable and comfortable.

Reducing Council

While this issue’s has not yet been brought forward at the provincial level, I am confident that the next Premier will feel the same way on this matter as well.

Everyone that I have spoken to tells me that Toronto needs less politicians, not more. The merits of reducing the number of wards to be consistent with the federal and provincial boundaries that would create 26 wards are clear. This option would also achieve voter parity.

If the boundaries are acceptable for the other levels of government, why can’t they be good enough for the city’s elected representatives? Torontonians would be better served by less politicians – not more.

I am hearten to see that the next Premier of Ontario is listening and I look forward to working with him on these and other important issues facing the City of Toronto.

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