Councillor Mammoliti’s Response to the Wynne Government’s Announcement to Expand Overdose Prevention Sites


December 7, 2017

“Minister Eric Hoskins and the Wynne Government made a thoughtless and reckless announcement earlier today that will jeopardize every community across Ontario.

Expanding overdose prevention sites throughout Toronto and Ontario will only further drug abuse. Drug abuse is not a victimless crime, and it destroys the lives of people with addictions, their families and loved ones.

Toronto has and is still waiting for meaningful funding towards treatment and counselling.

This is a public health emergency. We need to save lives. Clearly, the Wynne Government has no interest in real and meaningful action to help people with addictions to recover and reclaim dignity in their lives.

The experiences in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and in Toronto next to Dundas Square and St. Michael’s Choir School have shown that these sites don’t work. The surrounding parks, public spaces and businesses have become degraded and littered with needles.

Rather than offer real help to those who are suffering from mental health issues and addictions, we see that the Wynne Government is in line with the Toronto Board of Health cartel.

Preventing future deaths requires decisive and bold action to meaningfully fund treatment and rehabilitation immediately.”

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